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The Education sector is at an increased risk of information security attacks according to research, with 35% of all attacks occurs in the higher education sector. The reason is many higher education institutions hold a vast amount of information on open networks that range from payment information to names and everything else in between.

The key problem is the fact, that many institutions do not have appropriate security in place. Mobile devices and BYOD for staff and faculty, as well as, student-owned personal devices use the networks, highlighting the need for strict policies and enhanced management of these policies to prevent the network from becoming a mass of insecure data. There have to be improved security processes implemented alongside the policies, as old processes can inhibit the response time for the current security policies to take effect.

Colleges, universities and those in the higher education industry are undergoing an enormous transformation with the adoption of new communication, collaboration, and training tools. With Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and VR Classrooms gaining momentum, leveraging information technology (IT) has become more a necessity than a distinguishing feature.

Students today demand always-on, always-connected, and personalized learning experiences, and institutions need strategies and platforms that enable them to create enriching learning experiences. Apart from addressing the technology requirements for new learning modes, improving digital fluency, and creating quantifiable learning experiences, organizations in the sector often struggle with tactical as well as strategic issues, such as data management, data security, and IT cost optimization. To create a data-enabled institutional culture and create effective digital integrations across its channels while addressing challenges, higher education institutions must leverage modern IT techniques.

We provide fully managed IT services for schools and educational institutions that help improve operations, communications and security without breaking the bank. Whether you need tactical assistance, such as IT support for database systems or strategic support, such as driving better engagement between your students and staff or help in transforming your institute to a world-class learning center, Velcode Solutions will help you meet your goals.

  • A single provider for secure networks, communications and cybersecurity needs.
  • Video, phone calling, call center, messaging and meetings all delivered in a single application.
  • Educate your staff on proper cybersecurity hygiene.
  • Over 120 unique IT certifications across the Velcode Solutions team.
  • Reduce costs with managed IT and stay within budget.
  • Eliminate service outages, reduce costs, and create amazing teaching as well as learning experiences.
  • Integrate all IT and non-IT elements of your ecosystem efficiently and with less maintenance.
  • Create an IT infrastructure with robust admin and technical controls.
  • Quickly and efficiently address tactical issues in areas such as admissions, enrollment, attendance, and assessment.


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