SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX

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SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX Services

Hosted and cloud private branch exchange (PBX) options give businesses of all sizes high-powered, reliable voice options. Looking for a better cloud based phone option? Look no further than Velcode Solutions hosted PBX capabilities.

Depending on you companies requirement, Velcode Solutions can customize and implement hosted PBX, on-premises PBX, SIP Trunking, or hosted PRI phone system solutions to give you the efficiency and productivity you need o be a competitive as possible in your market.

For bigger companies with lower call flows, a hosted PRI solution with Velcode Solutions can reduce your phone system costs by a significant margin. Rather than pay per phone line, your company has the option to pay per call path, which gives you access to the same feature-rich phone plans at the lowest possible price.

Hosted PBX

From essential telephony features and mobility solutions to dynamic collaboration environments delivered directly from the cloud, a hosted PBX solution with Velcode Solutions gives you the power and flexibility to do more.

No PBX Equipment Necessary:  Velcode Solutions requires no on-premise equipment, which means you’ll cut out costs related to new hardware purchases, system management, and performance upgrades.

100% in the Cloud: Velcode Solutions will handle all the system monitoring and management on the back end, so your company can focus on doing what you do best.

Built-in Business Continuity: Geographically distributed server deployments guarantees a 99.999% phone system uptime to ensure you’re virtually always in business. And, in the extremely unlikely event your phone system does go down, you can still make and take business calls directly from the mobile app to keep driving forward.

Mobility Solutions: The Velcode Solutions mobile app allows you to make and take business calls on the go to keep professional integrations as easy and flexible as possible.

On-Premise PBX

For companies that need greater scalability and control over their communications network, an on-premise PBX solution delivers powerful features and capabilities to each employee without sacrifice to flexibility or cost to the enterprise.

Custom-built: We’ll build you the precise communications solution you need to fit your company’s call requirements day in and day out with ease.

100% Administrative Control: Don’t rely on your provider’s schedule to make adjustments or improvements. An on-premise PBX allows you to make the critical decisions and upgrades your company needs—right now.

Stay Cost-efficient: Instant messages and chat history are saved and updated in real-time across all your devices.

Single Business Identity: No outside contracts or charges per line means your on-premise VoIP system gets more cost-effective the larger your network grows.

SIP Trunking

For organizations that want to add hosted VoIP capabilities to their existing on-premise hardware, Trapp Technology makes it happen. In no time at all, we can add cloud-based communications features to your current phone system to keep you flexible and productive—all without the need to replace PBX equipment.

Keep Your Equipment: Add powerful features and modern services without replacing any of your current PBX hardware.

Save Money: Adding hosted VoIP elements to the on-premise phone system you already use cuts out the need to make significant purchases on new equipment or personnel.

Highly Scalable: Add trunks or lines at any time to accommodate your business growth needs without any headaches or major purchases.

24/7/365 Phone Support: Rather than rely on in-house resources to troubleshoot call troubles, you can rest easy knowing a Velcode Solutions expert is available day and night to walk you through it.


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