Collaboration & Conferencing Services

We Make Communication More Productive

Collaboration & Conferencing Services

Today’s workplace runs on teamwork.

When communication fails, valuable ideas and conversations are lost – making it nearly impossible to run a successful business.

Velcode Solutions offers video conferencing services and a wide range of communication solutions to maximize your collaborative bandwidth. Our experts provide industry-leading solutions and 24/7 support – via the web or telephone.

Improve Culture with Better Collaboration & Engagement

Poor collaboration and engagement often lead to project failure, missed deadlines, and cultural deterioration.

The ability to meet deadlines is only the tip of the iceberg in a successful collaboration and communications strategy. The underlying goal is to keep talent engaged – which equates to happy, productive, and motivated employees that stick around!

Armed with a variety of time-tested cloud collaboration tools – from Microsoft Teams to Zoom and Google Workspace – Velcode Solutions will help you facilitate an open digital workplace where every employee can be heard and add value to your business.

Reduce Your Costs While Encouraging Meaningful Collaboration

Manage the cost of your business communications more effectively with professional collaboration and conferencing services.

Velcode Solutions will provide every member of your organization with proper audio conferencing and web conferencing services – without breaking your budget. All of our solutions are built around the specific needs of your business, including your fiscal requirements and organizational capabilities.


Leveraging Microsoft Teams as your workplace productivity hub streamlines the meeting process, giving you access to all the tools you need, including chat, video conferencing, phone calls, screen sharing, and more, with one application. 


The aspects that drive engagement – how employees feel about the work they do; how they feel about their co-workers, managers and executive leaders; and the confidence they have in the company – are all impacted by collaboration. An easy-to-use unified collaboration platform helps employees and management connect more efficiently. Widespread collaboration leads to fully engaged workers.


Employees often travel for training, conferences, business meetings, and strategic retreats, but what if your company could use one application to accomplish your goals without the need to spend hard-earned dollars on plane tickets, hotels, and per diem? Microsoft Teams saved one organization over 150 trips in three years, what initiatives could you prioritize with more money in the bank?


Microsoft 365’s integrated collaboration capabilities with Microsoft Teams is a productivity powerhouse. Individuals and groups can upload files that sync to SharePoint, making it easy for your team to share, access, edit, and discuss files directly within Teams for more efficient meetings where everyone has the latest version.


Teams enables organizations to deliver powerful on-brand communications to employees, customers, and partners. Live events can be deployed across Teams, Stream, or Yammer enabling you to connect with up to 10,000 attendees from anywhere, across their device, and preferred application.


Teams comes out of the box with advanced security controls and features including data loss prevention, information barriers, retention policies, eDiscovery, legal holds, and more. Microsoft Teams is built on the Microsoft 365 hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud, delivering the advanced security and compliance capabilities businesses need in today’s ever-evolving digital threat landscape.


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