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We offer software testing services focused on delivering quality products. Our testing best practices like “test early, test often” and “proactive planning of software test cycles” have made us come a long way in serving your software testing needs. Our highly skilled quality assurance engineers are experienced in testing end-to-end workflows and executing test case scenarios. In addition, our dedicated teams ensure independent testing for your applications based on smart techniques and the latest technology.

We employ world-class software testing practices and improve overall time-to-market and quality. We aim to provide higher test coverage and accurate deliverables. What differentiates us from others is that we create testing guidelines for organizations that aim at cost efficiency, optimized use of QA resources, and reduced risk of failure. Hence, we provide guaranteed customer satisfaction rather than just focussing on delivering tested products.

Our Software Testing Services

Confidently deliver software faster with a talented team of testers and robust QA processes


We offer full-fledged test automation services, from planning and defining testing scope to selecting a tool and maintaining a test automation environment. Our automation architects define the complexity levels of test automation architecture before integrating it into CI/CD pipeline and aligning test automation strategy to the development phases.

You can rely on us by leveraging our test automation services and get rid of manual regression testing processes. This will save a lot of time for your team while significantly ensuring test flexibility, test quality, and responsiveness.

Our test automation services includes:

  • Test automation strategy
  • Environment setup and configuration
  • Automated UI testing
  • Test data generation
  • API testing services
  • CI/CD pipeline implementation


Our microservices testing services first decide on the software testing KPIs such as granularity of test cases, run time, test scripts maintainability, etc in the design phase of software testing. The following phases involve assigning QA managers and test automation architects for prioritizing the test scenarios for automation and preparing a test strategy plan.

Thus, you will have an entire team of microservices testing. It includes managing the process to set up the test environment, test data generation, and designing the test cases.

Our microservices testing plan includes (but not limited to) the following set of testing types:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Component and contract testing
  • Regression testing
  • Performance testing


As modern architectures evolve, organizations need to focus more on end-to-end functionalities of APIs. It involves cloud services, mobile solutions, and other business applications that follow specific protocols such as XML, SOAP, REST, and others.

Our QA managers have domain expertise in various API protocols and proficient knowledge and experience of end-to-end application validation. As a leading software testing company, we use the latest tools for API testing for functional, security, and load testing purposes.

We give our clients mandatory API testing services as follows:

  • Unit testing services for assessing API functionalities
  • Load testing to validate performance under various levels of user requests/ load
  • Runtime error detection
  • Web UI testing


Performance testing remains at the forefront of Velcode Solutions software QA testing services as it determines the overall application stability. It covers many applications, including complex transactions systems, client-server apps, cloud databases, and more. We provide a full-proof performance testing solution that checks everything that makes apps responsive, accessible, and scalable for users.

Prominent factors in performance testing include load testing, stress handling, endurance checks, benchmarking, and other critical deliverables such as,

  • Scalability testing
  • Stability testing
  • Load testing
  • Reusable performance test scripts
  • Analysis of test results


Our security testing services aim to make applications secure and safe for users by addressing vulnerable security issues. Our application security testing strategy ensures that your data’s confidentiality, integrity, and sensitivity are not compromised. In addition, our security testing engineers assure that your application meets the necessary security regulatory and compliance standards.

Our experienced testing professionals help our customers identify critical areas, prioritize testing needs and align suitable strategies to accelerate the process and safeguard apps from potential threats.

Here’s what we evaluate and offer as security testing services:

  • Application protocol interfaces
  • Network services
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Full-stack web and mobile apps security testing
  • Infrastructure audit
  • Compliance testing

Why Us

Benefits of Working with Velcode Solutions

Embrace quality engineering practices and get the business outcomes that you always wanted! The biggest benefit of working with Velcode Solutions is that you’ll get a complete package of software testing services. We’ll take care of creating a test plan, assembling the right methodologies, and detecting defects that significantly improve software quality and decrease the time-to-market by at least 25%.

Proven testing experts

Our end-to-end software test services, led by passionate software testers, help you plan, build the right team, and assist your developers in focusing on building quality products.

End-to-End test coverage

We offer you complete test coverage that surfaces application bugs and defects that are difficult to detect. We perform all types of testing like Functional, GUI testing, Usability, Security, Accessibility testing, etc.

Complete transparency with KPIs

We align QA processes KPIs precisely with your business needs and project goals. You’ll have full control and access to QA reporting, including test results, test coverage, quality trends, sign-off reports, and more.

Test automation for faster deliveries

Our software testing teams are armed with DevOps and automation tools that automate the most critical and time-consuming operations that lead to faster deliveries.


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