Application Modernization

With the recent Covid-19 disruption, digital transformation of enterprises has increased multifold. The need for an agile and scalable IT environment to meet the demands of the ever-growing customer needs is also on the rise. The digital transformation, though needed now more than ever, is not any easier in these times, with monolithic architectures holding back companies from a quick and smooth transition. Digital transformation means little if it misses out the key components of cloud migration and application modernization. The time has come for all enterprises to quicken the process of application modernization to remain ahead in the market race.

To put it in simpler terms, Application Modernization is all about dividing the legacy applications into their own individual functions. This way, each function will be capable of running on its own with the help of containers, making the framework independent, scalable, faster-to-deploy, and agile. Application Modernization is more than just moving offline business process to digital platforms. Micro services for each function must be developed based on legacy applications, so that productivity is enhanced and cost savings achieved.

A complete application modernization means moving the underlying architecture from monoliths to micro-services, migrating from physical servers to cloud computing, and moving the delivery methods from waterfall to DevOps. While some organizations undergo application modernization in a gradual process due to financial constraints, others opt for a complete overhaul. Whatever the approach, one thing to keep in mind is to align these three critical aspects of the IT infrastructure.

It is important for organizations to readjust their legacy applications with the new business requirements. Enterprises must turn into full-fledged digital-native enterprises and create new business value from aging legacy applications, without having to reinvest. There are definitely mission-critical applications which must run 24/7 in a year, and keeping them for a complete overhaul is not the right thing to do. Instead, what enterprises can do is to implement application modernization for each application or function without disturbing the existing application stack.

Velcode Solutions Application Modernization services offer AIOPs-based managed services that monitor data from network applications, cloud and infrastructure. We leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to proactively detect any changes and hence address issues right away.

Velcode Solutions provides enterprises with a key layer of intelligence and integration between IT Service Management systems and performance monitoring, and this way, enterprises get to avoid unnecessary operational actions. Velcode Solutions leverages AIOPs to build a workspace that is collaborative enough to resolve any issues and capture the remediation data of the possible root cause of other issues of the kind. Velcode Solutions AIOPs service adds rapid mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to resolve (MTTR) issues, making prevention and resolution of issues smooth and quick.


With Velcode Solutions Micro-services approach consulting, enterprises can get a holistic assessment of their IT systems. Velcode Solutions then provides a strategic roadmap to make adoption of micro-services quick and easy. Micro-services approach consulting by Velcode Solutions makes the migration of monolithic applications and legacy systems a smooth affair, building a new architecture that leverages micro-services. Velcode Solutions can build and manage microservices, integrating applications and developing databases that are agile and flexible. Velcode Solutions microservices testing can aid enterprises verify work process and flow, with all services integrated. Velcode Solutions supports and maintains services that improve the quality of microservices applications development, and which cut down the defects.


With Kubernetes as a Service, Velcode Solutions offers expertise creating and operating open source infrastructure to help you maximize multicloud portability and avoid lock-in. As part of the Kubernetes as a Service, we look into the ongoing operations and support the entire technology stack, which includes hardware to the IaaS to Kubernetes. The Velcode Solutions Kubernetes as a Service takes care of the containers and cluster application services, which will help enterprises to pay more attention to building and running applications.

As part of the Kubernetes as a Service, Velcode Solutions team of experts handle the deployment and operation of a fully managed Kubernetes control plane, including configuration, operation and maintenance of all Kubernetes components. Velcode Solutions offers best practices and support for deploying and operating highly scalable applications within Kubernetes.


As part of the Application Modernization, Velcode Solutions takes complete responsibility for the migration of all the mission-critical workloads. Our team of experts use the best practices to drive data migration. We look into the quality, speed and security that are crucial for a successful data migration.



Assessment & Plan
A discovery workshop to gather stakeholder opinions, assess data warehouse readiness, collect server and application information. Subsequently, scenario and workloads identification for migration and customized planning for a successful migration without any disruption to operations.

Velcode Solutions Migration Factory
A proven, cost-effective, industrialized, and fully packaged service for organizations to realize greater certainty in migration. It’s a highly automated “migration factory” approach with a low-cost workforce and tried and tested tools, eliminating delays and delivering quality results, on time, every time.

Database of Your Choice
Streamlined homogeneous migrations such as from Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora.

Data Security During Migration
A highly-secured data migration with complete backup before the process, encrypted data transfer and controlled access during the entire process – all the while maintaining integrity of your data.

Complex & Large Scale Migrations
Automated administrative solutions facilitate database auditing to capacity management to platform-supported disruption management, upgrading, and patching – easing complex and voluminous migrations without data loss and downtime.

Benefits of Application Modernization

Reduce Technical Complexity

With application modernization, enterprises can simplify the development of the applications. By modernizing applications, enterprises are modularizing complex modules into simpler components, which makes their maintenance easier.

Improve Resilience

The ever-changing dynamics of the market have pushed the enterprises to look beyond their legacy applications. With application modernization, enterprises are now working towards making their applications fault-tolerant and resilient.

Faster Time to Market

In the current market, enterprises need to be quick and agile to make specific changes to any functionality. Usually, with legacy applications, that’s not the case and hence by modernizing their applications, enterprises can easily make changes to the applications without having to depend on IT or the development cycle.

Cost Reduction

With application modernization, enterprises can easily replace the complex infrastructure or software to minimize the total cost of ownership and maintenance.

Better Customer Experience

In this new customer-driven market, enterprises must focus on giving the best customer experience. With application modernization, they can easily offer new services and experience to their clientele from all the touch points, ensuring a better customer experience.


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