Cloud Migration Services


Cloud computing can scale to support massive workloads and more users.


The Companies migrating to the cloud spend significantly less on IT operations.


Applications and websites hosted in the cloud can quickly scale to serve more users.

Digital experience

Users can use cloud services and data from anywhere, whether they are employees or customers.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Moving your application to Cloud requires a systematic strategy derived by validating efficient ways to migrate it. This strategy depends on the complexity of your environment. When you step into moving the application to cloud, there are some important considerations that you need to make. We at Velcode Solutions make it easy for you by creating a proper plan and assessments. Our migration strategy involves 6 important stages such as Re-host, Re-platform, Re-purchase, Re-factor/ Re-architecture, Retain, Retire.


Rehosting also known as ‘lift and shift’ moves your existing physical or virtual servers to cloud without making any major architectural changes.


Replatforming is about moving application to cloud with few optimizations like moving self-hosted infrastructure to managed services.


Repurchasing, when possible is an excellent and fast way to access cloud-based SaaS that is tailored to your business needs by the cloud provider.


Refactoring of applications is usually driven by a business need to add features or for scalability. Refactoring often boosts agility, business continuity, and overall productivity. Refactoring for modifying application to take advantage of SaaS and PaaS based technology which will aid in cost reduction.


Retaining few or more on-premise solutions just in case the migration cost is higher than the application’s value is advantageous when depreciation value is achieved before migration. Retaining some IT aspects on-premise is a popular chose for a hybrid cloud service.


Identifying everything in your business environment that have the potential to migrate allows you to evaluate the value of the product, service, or application. Retiring can be done when unused applications are decommissioned or clubbed with other dependent applications to save huge cost

As technology evolves, you may look into migrating to cloud based solutions and in order to do so, we help you strategize and implement plans to ensure business value and growth.

Modernize your core IT/data center assets on the adopted cloud with Velcode Solutions.
Leverage Velcode Solutions end-to-end infrastructure migration and modernization services including backend compute, storage, networking, server assets; middleware, OS, platforms, architectures; front-end applications, and enterprise software. Virtualize your backend IT and adopt an end-to-end cloud infra strategy.

We’ll architect your Datacenter exit (DC Exit) strategy & securely migrate all mission-critical workloads, applications, databases, existing platforms with unprecedented agility on a hyper-performance, always available, scalable cloud architecture. Administer modernized data storage, data flow, workflows, and business operations at zero disruption, zero additional maintenance costs, maximum business value, and uninterrupted business continuity.

Public Cloud Migration: Avail zero-friction migration augmented with fully compliant, end-to-end AIOps-powered managed services to globally available public cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure Migration, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Migration, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and more.

Private Cloud Migration: Private cloud adoptions are ideal for organizations harbouring disjoint IT landscapes, extremely private information, and the need for dedicated ITOps, security perimeters. With 10,000+ instances, 250+ private cloud setups, Velcode Solutions helps realize private cloud strategies at industry-best agility and zero disruption.

Public Cloud Migration: Avail zero-friction migration augmented with fully compliant, end-to-end AIOps-powered managed services to globally available public cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure Migration, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Migration, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and more.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud Migration: Either opt for public cloud infra such AWS Outposts, Azure Stack, GCP Anthos extended to your on-prem offices, data centers, edge networks. Or, organize and manage all your software platforms, applications, core architectures, third-party enterprise systems, on-prem assets, and other cloud solutions from a universal interface on the public cloud (Example via Azure Arc and Azure Resource Manager). Choose the service model that best suits your immediate business needs and future objectives – Velcode Solutions can help you manage any Hybrid IT ecosystem you prefer.

Velcode Solutions not only helps in zero data loss migration but also helps you to embrace Big Data solutions running on top of your database stacks enabling competent data intelligent decision-making. Transform your information security posture and embed automated threat detection, mediation tools backed by 24/7/365 support.

Transition all your core platforms including backend architectures, protocols, libraries, database management systems, microservices, Kubernetes, containers, and more to the cloud. This includes backend platforms, libraries, APIs of common on-prem applications, enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, CMS, HRM, and more), third-party platforms, edge environments, and other multi-cloud deployed software/platforms. Re-architect, rebuild, or replace platform architectures to best leverage the cloud platform and attain business goals with unprecedented agility, scalability, and uninterrupted continuity. Bring out the most value out of your business applications.

Simple lift and shift of applications and development environments during cloud adoption is not always an effective migration strategy. Often this limits the full benefits of cloud and constraints performance. Avail Velcode Solutions end-to-end application modernization services including re-hosting applications on the cloud platform of choice, re-placing flexible functionalities, re-platform of underlying code structure-functionalities-features unaltered, rebuilding broken software segments, and upgrading core application architectures to embed advanced capabilities and micro-services. Migrate enterprise applications such as SAP ERP and other CRM, etc tools for maximum benefits.

Ensure uninterrupted business continuity and fail-safe operations on the cloud. Avail Velcode Solutions world-class Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings including secure colocation services, database backups and recovery, planned runbook creation with DR drills, RTO/RPO and fail-over assistance, uninterrupted network-server infra and architecture support, automated risk management tools, global compliance, and 24/7/365 consultancy support.

IT monitoring is a much exhaustive yet necessary task that stresses internal resources. A move to the cloud automates this critical functionality. Leverage expert, 24/7 health monitoring of multi-cloud platforms, virtual IT Infra, networks, workloads, databases, and applications. Avail centralized visibility over your entire cloud architecture, automated alert mechanisms including threat notifications, analytical reports, and business intelligence. Track performance of your adopted as-a-service solutions and services with ease, gain unique insights, and augment your business with data-based decision-making.

Velcode Solutions is a leading automation solution and service provider. With our deep domain expertise and automation skills, we have developed frameworks and implementation methodologies that have helped many organizations scale their automation solutions with ease and gain faster time-to-value.

Our single-partner turnkey & cost-effective solution will not only help organizations achieve end-to-end process transformation but also reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) drastically. We leverage disruptive technologies such as RPA, process analytics, process mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning to derive insights from your on-ground business processes, identify impactful processes, implement automations and manage the process and robots.

Unlock smart security management on the cloud for your business and secure your networks, data, workflows with ease. With end-to-end cloud managed security services from Velcode Solutions, gain advanced risk assessment and management, intelligent threat prediction-detection-mitigation capabilities powered by industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. Avail support from Velcode Solutions world-class Cyber Security Incident and Response team. Adopt world-class cloud-native tools such as Azure Sentinel, AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, etc. Integrate security solutions that sync with your cloud environment with ease.


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