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Emails are one of the most common sources of vulnerabilities for any organization. Every company uses mail and the employees receive thousands of emails every week; all it takes is one fake email to an employee on a busy day to put organizational security at stake. More than 90% of cyberattacks start from one malicious mail.

Velcode Solutions delivers comprehensive email security services powered by advanced threat protection that help organizations to keep their email, user data, and all confidential data safe. Velcode Solutions all-in-one email security-as-a-service banks on state-of-the-art technologies and a cumulative approach to stop advanced threats such as malware and spam while staying completely compliant.

As phishing activities become a common phenomenon, it is very important for organizations to embrace end-to-end email security solutions comprising of a set of advanced email security features.

Email data breach and eavesdropping

Automated scanning of attachment and mail body to secure sensitive data. End-to-end encryption to eliminate eavesdropping when mails are in transit.

Busy teams struggling to monitor all mails

A complete phishing protection with automated detection and endpoint monitoring to identify phishing and spam emails.

Decentralized email security

Unified management and innovative strategies aligning with industry-recognized email security solution to respond to new email security threats.

Lack of awareness among employees

Intelligent and in-depth cybersecurity awareness training to employees. This helps employees to identify malicious links.

Enterprise domain spreading spam mails and business email compromise

A comprehensive solution with email protection with real-time monitoring to identify infected systems sending out malware and spam. Proper assessment of all incoming and outgoing email.

The Difference Maker

Why Rely on Velcode Solutions Email Security as a Service

Email Spooling

Bouncing back of emails in case of server availability can have a negative impact on the business. To ensure that no email is bounced back, Velcode Solutions offers the best-in-class email spooling solution that will enable the enterprise to experience email continuity.

Cloud Based Spam Filtering

Velcode Solutions manages military-grade Gateway Spam Filtering for hosted email as well as on-premise workloads, which will ensure that all email-based threats are handled efficiently and are quarantined. Our robust cloud infrastructure is scalable and flexible.

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial-of-Service attack occurs when the intruder makes the server unavailable for the intended users. DoS attack deprives legitimate users of the service or resource they expected. Our DDoS protection is equipped with robust tools that will filter suspicious packets.

Spam Protection

Spam protection and spam filtering are specifically designed to ensure that any suspicious or spam links, especially in emails, are filtered.

Outbound Filtering

Velcode Solutions develop Outbound filtering which ensures that the traffic that’s going out of the server is scanned to ensure that the email is delivered securely.

Data Encryption

Highly critical and sensitive data should always be encrypted so that only authorized individuals or groups will have access to it.

The pandemic or not, remote working has become the new normal. Remote working has numerous advantages. However, employees working from a remote environment are always susceptible to cyber threats. Cyber criminals are always looking to get into confidential company data with the help of phishing mails. Security researchers claim that there has been a 600% rise in email attacks since COVID-19.

A successful phishing attack can have a disastrous impact on an organization’s reputation. Organizations require robust and advanced security services to ensure complete data loss protection. Velcode Solutions all-in-one intelligent email security services and advanced anti-malware protection technologies can surely be a game-changer. It includes the following.

This tool mainly prevents domain spoofing, and empowers mail servers to confirm that a message or mail came from the domain that it uses. This is a type of email validation system for domain managers so they can authorize specific hosts to use a domain.

  • Unique combination of DMARC, SPF, DKIM, lookalike domain analysis, and authentication techniques.
  • Scan faulty and spam brand names to compare the display names of all the inbound emails.
  • Blocking of suspicious messages and tagging with subject line warning.

DKIM is mainly used to ensure that the content of your emails is uncompromised and can be trusted completely. Velcode Solutions Email security-as-a-service leverages DKIM to provide unmatched security with the following features:

  • Unlike SPF, DKIM uses an ENCRYPTION algorithm to create a PAIR OF public and a private key
  • Public Key published to the DNS TXT record.
  • ‘FROM’ header checked against the signing table and if matched, the message is signed and ‘DKIM-Signature’ header is added using private key
  • If DKIM header does not match if any changes are made after signing. The receiving mail server looks up the senders public DKIM key in DNS
  • Based on the DNS entry and DKIM header, the receiving mail server decrypts the signature and compares it against a freshly computed version. If TWO values match, the message is proven to be authentic and unaltered.

Get rid of phishing emails and phishing attempts offer complete protection to your remote workforce from fraudulent emails and phishing imposters.

  • Unique combination of DMARC, SPF, DKIM, lookalike domain analysis, and authentication techniques.
  • Scan faulty and spam brand names to compare the display names of all the inbound emails.
  • Blocking of suspicious messages and tagging with subject line warning.

Process and monitor millions of emails on a regular basis. Intelligence threat analysis for 24×7 monitoring.

  • Comprehensive IP reputation filtering that blocks 90% of spams at entry point to protect end users.
  • State-of-the-art antivirus and anti-spam engines to catch spams that penetrated the entry point across various computer networks and mobile devices.
  • 24x7 email filtering powered by advanced detection processes that support multiple languages to prevent unauthorized access.

Best-in-class email data loss prevention services that provide next-gen data breach protection powered by advanced email encryption.

  • Protect confidential company data and information with complete assessment of confidential content, and attachments.
  • Multi-rule policies for data breach prevention and malicious content with state-of-the-art endpoint protection.
  • Advanced email protection that ensures a seamless encryption integration to safeguard individual users.

Achieve compliance and secure confidential and important company data with automated scanning of email attachments, subject, and body.

  • Complete TLS encryption to prevent eavesdropping of messages during transit.
  • Protection of push-based encryptions that protect the email attachments.
  • Secured mail replies and attachments.


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