File Sharing Solutions

Benefits of Cloud-Based File Sharing

Convenience and

Have you ever struggled to find a file? You look on your local machine, the office server, email, and finally – you find it minutes later. That’s the problem with using multiple applications to share files. Today’s cloud-based file sharing solutions make accessing files simple, convenient, and instantaneous.

Save Time and

Not only does an effective file sharing strategy save time searching for the latest version of a document but in many cases, organizations today can host all their files in the cloud, eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware such as servers.

Increase Productivity

Microsoft Teams’ integrated file sharing and collaboration capabilities makes it the perfect productivity powerhouse for businesses looking to maximize the performance of employees. Individuals and groups can upload files that sync to SharePoint, making it easy for your team to share, access, edit in real-time.

Enhance Compliance and Security

Microsoft 365 comes out of the box with advanced security controls and features including data loss prevention, information barriers, retention policies, eDiscovery, legal holds, and more. Microsoft 365’s hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud delivers the advanced security and compliance capabilities businesses need in today’s ever-evolving digital threat landscape.

Meetings Made

There’s nothing more embarrassing than conducting a meeting and struggling to find a file – you think “I just had it.” Leveraging Microsoft Teams as your workplace productivity hub streamlines meetings by giving you access to all the files you need directly from within the applications. Need to find a recently shared file? It’s three clicks away. 


Have you worked in an office and had the file sharing server go down? Work often comes to a grinding halt. The design team cannot grab the assets they need to finish that website. Marketing needs a report, but alas, it’s unavailable. Most of us know the frustration illustrated here. Cloud file sharing solutions offer guaranteed uptimes and redundancy that ensures when your employees need a file, it’s within reach.


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