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The legal industry is now focusing more on changes in Information Technology. IT changes, or not keeping up with IT changes, can create risks for their clients and their practice. Case Management Software, document management, email encryption, time tracking, billing contacts, case calendars and more have created an even greater reliance on IT infrastructure security, performance, and reliability. With all of the demands on IT, it is surprising that fewer than 60% of legal firms have a formal IT budget and 25% of legal firms still have no IT security policies.

There are a lot of trends going on in the legal industry when it comes to technology, and some of those trends we have noticed include:

  • Law Firms adopting cloud based and web based software and services to manage their practice.
  • Firms will continue to spend most of their IT project money on Document Management Software rather than Practice Management Software.
  • Law firm websites are now essential elements of its marketing.

If you are an attorney or if you work in a law firm, you know that law firms have unique Information Technology (IT) support needs—in addition to the need for continual, 24/7 uptime and availability to serve clients, you and your firm must be the standard-bearer in terms of compliance and security. Your clients (business owners, CEO’s, boards of directors) look to you and your firm as their trusted advisor.

Velcode Solutions provides a flat-fee structure so you are no longer concerned about billable hours because we are motivated to make your environment as stable as possible as quickly as possible. Additionally, our IT services offers legal firms the following benefits:

  • Using our hardware as-a-service offering, we provide a very predictable cost structure without large capital expenses.
  • We offer the benefits that come with providing 24×7 support, monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure and end-user devices.
  • We offer Privacy, security, and compliance (all distinct issues) management and policies.
  • A better ROI on your IT expenses as you order just what you need.
  • Our compliance solutions assist you in remaining compliant with the data protection and retention requirements of your industry.

Cases can move very quickly. If there’s an important development, you need to be notified as fast as possible. Since you’re billing your clients for your time, “time is money” in a very literal sense. You need a way to stay in touch with as many of them as possible, while also managing travel time and costs. Since interaction with clients is often done over the phone, you need to keep detailed records of each conversation in order to ensure you have the correct information. And making sure all your data is available all the time is a top priority.


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