Managed SD-WAN Services

Do you feel your existing network capabilities are falling short to meet the evolving market needs? Can your traditional WAN support bandwidth-intensive cloud-based applications, the proliferation of IoT devices, or the hybrid workforce? Do you have adequate visibility and control across the network and cloud? Do you have a robust network strategy in place to support your ongoing digital transformation initiatives?

Challenges like these are increasingly pushing enterprises to switch to SD-WAN and give their businesses the connectivity boost. Software-defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN is a secure, flexible and cost-effective networking solution that frees enterprises from the complex task of managing multi-branch-site connectivity across a wider geographical scale. With a centralized control to intelligently direct traffic across the network, SD-WAN accelerates application performance resulting in improved user experience, enhanced productivity, and reduced IT costs.

Our managed SD-WAN services

Managed SD-WAN Services from Velcode Solutions

Velcode Solutions managed SD-WAN services help simplify the WAN architecture by offering a unified SD-WAN platform designed for today’s cloud-first enterprise. The centrally hosted platform comprises the key components, Edge, Orchestrator, and WAN Optimization and security, ensuring maximum performance, greater visibility, latency mitigation, and data reduction. Our managed SD-WAN services are custom-built by leveraging Velcode Solutions proven managed services capabilities to meet the unique business needs of enterprises worldwide, boost agility, and ease the management and efficiency of SD-WAN.

As a pioneer in managed cloud services, our SD-WAN solution is backed by industry-leading SLAs ensuring optimum performance and unmatched reliability.


Centralized policy orchestration, monitoring and reporting.


Unified SD-WAN edge platform including Routing, Security, SD-WAN

WAN Optimization/Security

On-demand WAN Optimization/Security services.

Delivering an out-of-the-box solution to manage SD-WAN

How SD-WAN Solves Today’s IT Challenges

A managed SD-WAN is where Velcode Solutions adds value to the network with its additional features. Velcode Solutions provide organizations with an out-of-the-box solution to manage multiple network connections, critical applications, and security. Velcode Solutions also supplies the hardware, software, networking, and transport services required to deliver the appropriate application or service such as connectivity for the required number of branches with appropriate SLAs for uptime and performance.

Velcode Solutions is also responsible for designing the networking solution, deployment of SD-WAN services, Day 2 monitoring, managing and securing the WAN service, including visibility of live traffic, as well as providing analytic reporting.


Business Benefits of SD-WAN

Increased agility

Software-centricity allows for quick adaptation to changes, such as adding access or connecting new sites.

Simplified management

Flexible deployment options with easily updatable plug ‘n’ play configurations will simplify management.

Better control

Centrally located orchestrator that enables automation & near real-time analytics & reporting.

Increased performance

Increase app performance and availability on any type of transport with integrated WAN optimization

Enhanced security

Improved WAN security with zone-based firewall and network segmentation and integration with leading cloud security.

Can’t decide which SD-WAN is right for you?

With so many SD-WAN solutions in the market, choosing the right SD-WAN vendor and partner can determine the success of your transformation journey. That’s why we take a strategic approach to determine the right SD-WAN solution for our valued customers.


  • Networking architecture
  • Types of routers, links, necessary software upgrade
  • Utilization: Impact of outbound traffic, type of links, utilization of links
  • Application landscape: Type of application (real-time, cloud hosted, SaaS, etc.), associated SLAs
  • Security: Traffic visibility, compliance requirements, proxy server architecture
  • Cost: Bandwidth cost, cost of managing WAN


  • Dependency: Service provider dependency by location, by MPLS and internet
  • WAN Management: Shifting from distributed to centralized management and control
  • Scope for automation in last mile connection management, device optimization, and more
  • Operational complexity
  • Effectiveness of mixed MPLS
  • Future roadmap for business growth


  • Any combination of network transport services (MPLS, internet, LTE) can be leveraged to connect users to applications
  • A single pane of glass to control, monitor and manage the traffic
  • Flexible deployment with easy plug n play configuration
  • Performance based routing guaranteeing the connectivity SLA
  • Continued support for integrated solutions between SD-WAN, security and cloud networking


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