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Manufacturing is more than just smooth processes because it is also about the integration of automated tools, mobile technologies and instant global communication between R&D, plan, supply chain, and distribution. It involves having the ability to be flexible in the way that you approach innovation, regulation and the demands of the market. This is about enhancing productivity while reducing stress and so, Velcode Solutions is on hand to keep you online and on time.

The world of manufacturing technology evolves rapidly and your customers are moving in the same way. It is impossible for legacy infrastructures to keep you competitive when you consider the advanced technology that is required to meet the ever-changing demands, agility, scalability, communication, and collaborations that help to meet the expectations of your customers.

As the operation of large expensive assets is often completely dependent on high-function applications and a robust systems infrastructure, manufacturing companies require 100% availability at all times. We work with some of the world’s largest manufacturing and distribution brands to streamline their processes with integrated applications and provide ongoing support they need to survive and thrive.

Velcode Solutions will leverage the latest digital technologies to transform your manufacturing business and keep you at the cutting-edge of a changing industry.

At Velcode Solutions, we recognize that the future of global manufacturing is increasingly digital, with Big Data, AI, and IoT creating a rapidly shifting environment that can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate. We help streamline manufacturing frameworks and improve the efficiency of systems through cutting-edge automation, enterprise application design, management, support, and quality assurance.

Velcode Solutions Manufacturing IT Services

  • Help manufacturers better manage product complexities for standard or custom specifications for increased responsiveness to user needs.
  • Support a solid framework to streamline manufacturing tasks across sales, operations, marketing, and customer support.
  • Promote real-time manufacturing operations for field sales, procurement, and logistics – or any mobility requirement.
  • Increase Productivity. Make smart manufacturing decisions. Build intelligent ecosystems. Focus on product quality.
  • Improve Efficiencies. Build smarter supply chains. Modernize existing manufacturing systems. Strive for continuous business innovation.
  • Transform Business. Leverage digital technologies & provide performance-based services.


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