Disaster Recovery as a service

Disaster Recovery as a Service is the replication of the hosting of physical or virtual servers by a third party to provide immediate recovery at zero losses in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe. Velcode Solutions DRaaS model, powered by any hyperscaler or private, hybrid, or multi-cloud of choice, is based on a unique 4-way Disaster Recovery architecture that improves business continuity and security. It is cost-effective and delivers the best-in-class benefits over many traditional models.

72% of businesses fail to meet their expectations for IT disaster recovery. Don’t be one of them and get a fully-functional DRaaS solution for your workloads today!

Enabling you to quickly recover your data after an outage, downtime or breach, DRaaS is critical for achieving business continuity. Velcode Solutions state-of-the-art technologies let you securely replicate your critical workloads to one of our global locations and restore them in a matter of minutes. With our DRaaS, you can resume your business operations in a matter of minutes to minimize disruptions and revenue loss.

Automated recovery of Tier 1 applications from your DRaaS instance

Minimum downtime and impact on performance and user productivity

No need to invest in purchasing and dedicating new assets to DR

The cost per hour of downtime is estimated to be between $10,000 to over $5 million[1] per hour. This amount includes everything from critical services downtime and breach detection to loss of IT and employee productivity, which significantly factor in calculating the total cost.

A cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution helps you avoid these costs. Your DRaaS instance will keep the latest versions of your critical workloads on a secure server, enabling quick recovery. In case of accidental deletion, natural disasters, and human errors, you will be able to resume your operations in a matter of minutes. DRaaS enables you to:

  • Protect from ransomware
  • Avoid business disruptions
  • Reach your compliance and security goals
  • Minimize financial impact of a disaster
  • Protect from other cyber threats
  • Ensure stability and brand image


Why Consider DRaaS?

As an effective method of reaching data availability, DRaaS enables organizations of different sizes or verticals to meet a variety of business goals.

Lower Downtime

DRaaS will reduce downtime and data loss exposure for critical business functions. Our Disaster Recovery As A Service also offers high-end capabilities that will cause negligible data loss when the system suffers from this issue.

Avoid Data Loss

Enterprises that suffer from data loss rarely get back on their feet to resume operations. But with Velcode Solutions custom Disaster Recovery Strategy, even the smallest fraction of data will not be lost during a disaster, and your business continues like normal.

Business Continuity

Business interruptions play an obstacle to business growth, productivity, and customer service. Robust disaster recovery solutions help to ensure business continuity irrespective of the magnitude of the disaster faced by a company.


Our DR Solutions offer cost-effective measures with high-quality service. We give enterprises the advantage of the pay-per-use model. This way, enterprises can manage their expenses more efficiently and avoid unnecessary purchases like buying the complete suite.

Compliance and Regulated Industries

Always-on availability is a requirement to achieve compliance in regulated industries. Velcode Solutions secure solutions help you meet this goal with reliable solutions.

Ecommerce, Hosting, and SaaS

Organizations with highly dynamic workloads and constantly growing audience can leverage DRaaS to provide exceptional experience to their customers.

Added Capacity for Critical Workloads

Organizations that already have some form of backup or disaster recovery solution can leverage cloud-based DRaaS to add capacity to their existing infrastructure without investing in hardware, licences, etc.

Ransomware Protection

With ransomare on the rise, organizations of all sizes need effective protection against attacker. DRaaS ensures you always have your latest data available so you would not have to pay ransom.

Before you finalize your decision to finalize the platform and service provider for disaster recovery solutions, you must know about the main models out of which one will fit best for your requirements. This comparison chart below would enlighten you on the reasons why most modern enterprises opt for fully managed DRaaS model.

Managed DRaaS

  • A third party takes over all disaster recovery responsibilities
  • Requires higher investment than other DRaaS models but meets all your unique business requirements
  • Recovery SLA is matched to the unique business requirements
  • The provider will be responsible for recovery in the case of an event

Assisted DRaaS

  • Part of the responsibilities are managed by the company and part by a third party vendor
  • Lower investment is required compared to assisted DRaaS. Managing the model may prove expensive later.
  • Assisted DRaaS does not offer a recovery SLA
  • The client is responsible for recovery during an event but the service provider may step in when the IT team is unavailable

Self-service DRaaS

  • The company manages all the disaster recovery responsibilities
  • Expensive as the company needs to set up all the provisions for the IT team by themselves
  • Recovery SLA depends on the availability of the IT team
  • The client is responsible for recovery during an event

For any business, the most efficient DRaaS solution would be the one that suits their specific needs. Factors like budget, size of operations, pricing policies are worth considering before finalizing your DRaaS solution provider. After all, you would want only the best to shield you in any circumstance.

Velcode Solutions is known to offer the best disaster recovery solutions over any cloud. We work with the top Cloud Providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle across the world to assist in creating a DRaaS setup on your specific requirements.

DRaaS on Azure

DRaaS on Aws

DRaaS on GCP

DRaaS on Oracle

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