Advanced Managed Detection and Response

Enterprises are fast realizing that reducing Mean Time to Detect is useless unless the Mean Time to Repair is lowered. Consequently, threat discovery and response orchestration have to be done even before the same hits the IT stack (preventive maintenance). Legacy managed security service (MSS) offerings have unfortunately become outdated in comparison to the fast-evolving cyber threats. MSS offerings typically apply to perimeter technologies and rule-based filters, detections. In addition, managed security services most often deal with common cyber threats such as vulnerability assessment, recurring malware, high volume attacks, etc. Deep detection and remediation are seldom achieved.

Velcode Solutions Advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is that much necessary cybersecurity revolution addressing the threat management lifecycle end-to-end with advanced automation and intelligence. Embed your IT landscape with proactive threat intelligence even from unknown sources, deploy the smartest threat hunting tools, track-monitor risks across all IT assets 24/7, unleash rapid incident analysis and auto-response, and integrate next-gen SIEM-SOAR-UEBA tools and modern security protocols-frameworks for maximum protection end-to-end. Secure enterprise data, applications, servers and networks, devices, workloads and workflows, user profiles, core architectures, adopted cloud platforms, and end-point, IoT environments. Leverage the world-class expertise of Velcode Solutions Cybersecurity Response and Incident Team (CSIRT) as an extended partner to your online security departments.

Threat Visibility and Monitoring

Gain deep threat discovery, visibility, and intelligent hunting across all internal systems and external environments.

Achieve 24/7 automated risk monitoring over the IT stack end-to-end: data, applications, backend platforms, architectures, cloud environments, servers and networks, datacenter assets, computing devices and infra, user profiles, and end-point landscapes

Attack Analysis

Auto analysis features including Machine Learning, Intelligent deep analytics groups relevant detected threats and risks into incident groups for faster management and supervision. Track and analyze user footprints with advanced behavioural analytics.

In addition, MDR also analyzes seemingly safe links, codes to predict whether they form a part of larger attacks in the future.

Incident Response

Through 24/7 threat monitoring, intelligent deep hunting, in-depth risk analysis, proactive threat containment and automated response orchestration, MDR ensures hyper-fast threat mitigation. Be it networks, assets, devices, user profiles, applications, cloud platforms, or end-point resources, incident response is hyper-swift to ensure zero data & resources loss. Integrate advanced SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, & other state-of-the-art security tools along with MITRE ATTACK Mapping, state-of-the-modernized security frameworks for maximum remediation capabilities.

Manual Intervention

The highly automated and intelligent architecture of the advanced MDR services and solutions suite ensures minimum to negligible manual interventions apart from regular supervisions and strategic decision-making. MDR’s cutting-edge analysis capabilities reduces the much-needed alert fatigue by filtering out or auto-addressing low-level alerts. The system only tags the Cybersecurity Team (CSIRT) when a deeper intervention is needed. This also substantially truncates CSIRT resource expenses, operational delays, and the need for constant skill upgrades.

Compliance Management

Organizational security is incomplete without adherence to compliance and regulatory standards. With advanced MDR, gain deep policy, governance checks, and stringent IT compliance to local, national, and international standards for maximum protection: PCI-DSS, NESA, SAMA, GDPR, FedRamp, MSA, IRAP, GxP, CSA, OJK, MEITI, RBI. International certifications include ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, SOC1, SOC2

Organization Security Maturity

As firms get more and more obsessed with digital maturity, the need to enhance security maturity follows. The intelligent managed detection and response services suite implements 24/7 monitoring, deep threat hunting, smart incident analysis, and proactive threat containment and remediation, which substantially increases an organization’s security maturity. This is without the need for large security resources, upskilling, and solution integration investments.

Timely Attack Detection

With intelligent threat hunting and deep detection capabilities, the advanced MDR suite successfully predicts and finds hidden malware, ransomware, or malicious assets across all IT stack levels in real-time, 24/7. Minimize Mean Time to Detect to highest standards.

Custom Capabilities

Avail industry-specific Velcode Solutions MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Solutions and Services. Tailor capabilities and security modules concerning domain outcomes and functionalities: banking, healthcare, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, and more.

The Intelligent Service Provider for a Advanced Managed Detection and Response

End-to-end Intelligent Enterprise IT Protection

Threat Monitoring

As one of the leading MDR providers, Velcode Solutions ensures 24/7 deep threat monitoring over the IT stack end-to-end: users, devices, applications, networks, servers, data and datacenter assets, cloud platforms, end-point environments, etc. Gain automated alert management and optimization (to reduce alert fatigue) including universal organizational risk posture visibility.

Data Ingestion & Telemetry

Integrate MDR suite with high-fidelity, internal, external, and mission-critical dataflows from all IT landscape segments. MDR seamlessly supports data ingestion and monitoring from internal networks and IT infra, devices, user accounts, platforms and external landscapes, cloud platforms, hosting accounts, remote IT architectures, third-party service providers, and more. Avail end-to-end data monitoring and protection.

Intelligent Threat Detection, Research, and Threat Hunting

Velcode Solutions advanced Managed Detection and Response service integrates world-class threat intelligence for threat research, discovery, and hunting. Predict and find threats lurking under the most primitive, perimeter layers or hidden from routine rule-based assessments. Analyze seemingly non-harmful codes to realize whether they form part of bigger attacks in the future. Integrate Advanced Threat Protection capabilities to predict threats and ensure preventive maintenance: mitigation before the mal software can make any impact.

Threat and Incident Analysis via Deep Security Analytics

Automatically analyze threats, risk-prone use-cases 24/7 in tandem with threat monitoring and threat hunting to group them into relevant incident groups utilizing deep security analytics. allows grouping of alerts, reducing alert fatigue, and assisting the Security Response Team to gain advanced, real-time threat insights for informed decision-making.

Advanced Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Offerings

The Velcode Solutions Managed Detection and Response suite also includes its advanced SOC offerings. As an end-to-end managed SOC (Security Operations Center) services and MDR provider, Velcode Solutions acts as an extended Cybersecurity Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) to your organization and MDR security management, delivers the entire monitoring and threat management work with ease and assists your organization in the adoption of breakthrough cybersecurity frameworks, methodologies, and intelligent solutions. Get anytime, anywhere support from world-class security analysts.

  • Compliant Cloud Security Offerings
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Events Management
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Assets Security Management: Data, Host, Networks, Apps, Virtualization, Emails, Workloads, Workflows, third-party service providers
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Threat Response
  • Centralized security management console
  • Incident Recovery and Remediation for common and advanced threats
  • Log Collection and Management
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Vulnerability Management and Preventive Maintenance
  • AI-powered Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Alert Management
  • Response Orchestration and Automation
  • Compliance Audits
  • Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Advanced Penetration Testing

Automated Security Response and Threat Remediation

With Velcode Solutions Advanced Managed Detection and Response Services, achieve lowest Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time to Repair for end-to-end IT assets with intelligent automation solutions. With a threat detected and analyzed, auto-stop the malicious software’s functioning to contain its impact on the organization’s IT operations. Conduct deep analysis on remediation methods even before raising tickets. Kickstart an auto, collaborative threat mitigation action protocol between the provider’s CSIRT/SOC and the client security team.


With the development processes now getting more complicated and cyberthreats exponentially rising, it’s wiser to integrate continual security policies, processes, and technologies into the DevOps culture and workflows. MDR services lie at the heart of enterprise DevSecOps adoptions. Following ‘Security by Design’, Velcode Solutions helps embed security as a core discipline in the development of IT systems, tools, microservices, containers, automation, APIs, testing tools. Below is the Velcode Solutions DevSecOps overview:

  • Address Security Objectives and Threat Modelling
  • IDE Security Plug-ins
  • Integration Testing
  • Software Signing
  • Signature Verification and Defence Depth Measurement
  • RASP UEBA/Network Monitoring Pen Test
  • Security Orchestration, RASP/WAF Shielding Obfuscation
  • Dev Consumable Correlated Vulnerability Analysis: IoC/TI STIX TAXI
  • Modified Incident Response Management

IT Infra Security

With Velcode Solutions Advanced Managed Detection and Response, guard your IT infra end-to-end: systems, devices, computing infra, networks, servers, datacenters, platforms, core architectures, software, enterprise applications, and data. Gain universal threat monitoring and deep intelligent threat detection capabilities. Analyze risks and initiate mitigations automatically. Predict security gaps and threat patterns via advanced analytics to prevent the same even before they occur.

  • Devices, networks, servers, datacenters security
  • OS, platforms, core architectures, libraries, protocols security
  • Applications, software, data security
  • Next-gen firewalls, web application firewalls
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Database Activity Monitoring
  • Brand Protection, Network Micro segmentation
  • End-point protection, End Application Whitelisting
  • User Behaviour Analytics, Forensic Analysis
  • Data Loss and Data Classification
  • Hosting Assets Security, DNS Security, Breach Preventions

Cloud and Virtualization Security

Velcode Solutions provides comprehensive cloud security strategy, blueprinting, POC, and implementation services for any cloud, any platform as part of its extended MDR offerings. Avail end-to-end infra and assets security for widely adopted public cloud platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud, etc. Integrate advanced AI-powered cloud-native security solutions such as Azure Sentinel, Amazon Cloudwatch, AWS Security Hub, CloudTrail, GCP Security, and more. Secure your IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, CaaS architectures with ease with end-to-end cloud cybersecurity management. Gain 24/7 cybersecurity consulting and support.

  • PaaS Security – Runtime protection, vulnerability management, Automatic configuration of security policies, network protection, secure endpoint
  • IaaS Security – Automated auditing and monitoring, Identity Access Management, Data and Infra protection, Vulnerability Management and File Integrity Monitoring, Micro-Segmentation, Automated Compliance Monitoring
  • CaaS Security – Managed Kubernetes security, container workload security management, CI/CD Scanning, Container-to-container micro-segmentation, Access Controls, incident response, forensic analysis
  • SaaS Security – Network, platforms, systems, monitoring, and protection including firewalls, servers, emails, web applications
  • Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP) – VMs, Hosts, IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, SaaS, data
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – Multi-cloud security posture, Asset Inventory Management, Misconfiguration Monitoring, and Remediation, Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) – Overall visibility, Threat Protection, Data Security, Access Control Management
  • Hybrid/Multi-cloud managed security services

End-point Security with Managed End-point Detection and Response (EDR)

Conventional End-Point Protection Solutions are preventive with stringent implementation approaches that are signature-based – identifying threats based on known file signatures for newly discovered threats. Velcode Solutions moves the level much higher with the advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform. The solution combines next-gen antivirus capabilities with additional intelligent tools to deliver real-time anomaly detection and alerting, forensic analysis, and endpoint remediation capabilities. Record every file execution and modification, registry change, network connection, and binary execution across your endpoints.

  • Last-mile protection
  • Alert triage and remediation
  • Contain Malicious Activity
  • Threat Hunting and Data Exploration

Industry-specific Threat Intelligence Solutions

Adopt tailored MDR services and solutions for industry-specific outcomes powered by Threat Intelligence – manufacturing, healthcare, BFSI, Energy, Utilities, Retail, and more. Consolidate cybersecurity management for IP/Domain Reputation, File Reputation, CWPP, CSPM, CASB, Phishing-malware-ransomware feeds, IT assets. Avail the proprietary Self-Healing or Preventive Maintenance Platform to not only reduce Meantime to Detect and Meantime to Repair but do away with threats via advanced risk prediction and automated risk healing processes.

  • Powered by Industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MIS
  • Up-to-date threat intelligence consolidated from multiple sources
  • Segregation based on customer industry and vertical for focused analysis
  • Improves threat-hunting and forensic capabilities with contextual, actionable threat indicators
  • Augment your security capability with our rigorous analysis by Velcode Solutions security Experts.
  • Seamless integration with major TIP, SIEM, and SOAR
  • Automated Threat Research and Analysis
  • Last-mile data extraction and protection
  • Automated Threat Prediction, Detection, Mitigation, and Preventive Maintenance (Self-Healing Operations)


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