Infrastructure Modernization Services

Cloud computing is arguably the most impactful technology trend in the last one decade, spurring ubiquitous adoption of Cloud managed services by diverse industry sectors to bolster their IT infrastructure. Organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to small ISVs, utilize the Cloud for anything from deploying Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to managed infrastructure.

Traditional IT infrastructure is unable to keep up with the fast-growing volume and complexity of data. Also, managing analytics software on-premises or through a self-managed service is time-consuming, complex and expensive. With automation, network challenges and hybrid clouds gradually becoming an integral part of enterprises, the infrastructure needs to get more evolved.


  • Shift from CapEX to OpEx model with virtual datacenters and modernized resources, apps and dataflows.
  • Get a custom-made cost-effective Infrastructure Modernization blueprint for your business to save overall TCO costs by 64% via the pay-as-you-use model.


  • Complete automation support to ensure faster migration of assets at zero operational disruptions.
  • Streamline online migration with AI to maximize return on investments (ROI) of your infrastructure.


  • Automated enterprise backup and recovery to secure all your applications, data and assets.
  • Dedicated compliance-ready architecture with local, national and international regulations.


Adopt and run private, public, or hybrid cloud environments, seamlessly.

Embrace different cloud computing service (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) models based on business requirements.


  • Smart cybersecurity management with 24×7 monitoring, automated alerts and incident response management.
  • Leverage proprietary, self-healing or preventive maintenance operations with tailored cloud-native security solutions using AWS and Azure.


  • Gain hyper-agile performance of workloads, applications and assets.
  • Streamline adopted VMs and virtual assets to your business throughput objectives while seamlessly scaling operations as per traffic needs.


  • Unleash the best out of your IT Infrastructure with AIOps-powered managed operations, ensure your enterprise IT evolves into a fully digital transformative mode.
  • Leverage AI-driven automation solutions for maximum benefit such as Big Data Analytics for intelligent and informed decision-making.


  • Minimize common infrastructure risks with highly scalable and flexible applications, servers, workload systems.
  • Control your entire IT Cloud architecture with centralized visibility.


  • Transition and manage your on-cloud datacenter assets with full-scale automation.
  • Secure your datacenter virtualization by leveraging smart cloud-native tools.


Experience zero downtime of your mission-critical infrastructure by gaining always-on availability.

24×7 support for all issues paired with state-of-the-art advisory, assessments and strategic services.

Velcode Solutions End-to-End Infra Modernization Services

Lay the foundation for a competitive agile business by integrating compute, storage and networks. Introduce advanced cloud capabilities and reduce complexities by modernizing your infrastructure.

Server Modernization

Modernize your servers to ensure your organization keeps pace with the rapid evolution of digital capabilities. Close security risks and improve performance while moving forward with automation. Get a secure and compliant server designed with cloud in mind which helps deliver financial gains.

Storage Modernization

Achieve operational agility and resilience with data storage, hardware, software and solutions. Speed up data recovery, simplify management, lower storage costs and improve data security with a modernized storage infrastructure. Use data as a source of competitive differentiation for your organization to transform and innovate.

Platform Modernization

Update the infrastructure, architecture and the features of existing platforms for rapid digital development, enhanced customer experience and improved security. Envision a target state, define a roadmap and implement it through a process of discovery and refinement. Keep up with the digital economy requirements of strengthening consistency and stability to empower decision making.

Network Modernization

Connect various distributed datacenters like — on premise, colocation facilities, IaaS public clouds and SaaS services to the network edge. Support bandwidth-intensive use cases and mobile applications through a robust network. Integrate new and existing network technologies across hybrid clouds and all of IT, taking a vendor-neutral approach and an open standard, to address customer requirements.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Manage and provision your infrastructure through code instead of manual processes. Help your organization manage IT infrastructure needs while improving consistency and reducing errors. Avoid undocumented, ad-hoc configuration changes to eliminate configuration drift while increasing the speed of deployment.

Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)

Monitor, map and document connectivity across an entire network to unlock a world of potential for enterprises. Deliver a real time holistic view of your network and its connectivity. Increase asset utilization, reduce troubleshooting time, faster service turn-up and improve network security through an automated infrastructure management system.

Mainframe Modernization

Improve your existing legacy mainframe footprint in the areas of interface, code, cost, performance and maintainability. Simplify access to trapped business logic and data within mainframe while reducing MIPS costs. Speed up your development, deployment and release by bringing in cloud like capital expenditure (CapEX) benefits to the fluctuating workloads.


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