Data Modernization Services

About 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to cloud platforms by 2022, according to Gartner, Inc.

Analytics is becoming a significant catalyst for organizational digital transformation. Executive leaders should promote the creation of business strategies and operational models that conceive data-driven business opportunities and orchestrate organizational action.

Data can either be the heartbeat of today’s enterprises or the Achilles’ heel with ineffective management, holding back potential growth and innovative, fast delivery of end user experiences. Without an advanced DataOps at play including a modern data architecture and data governance foundation, businesses will have a difficult time layering on advanced analytics capabilities or implementing emerging technologies. In order to drive intelligent data-based decision making for the most competitive results, firms need to modernize their static and dynamic dataflows, unite applications with existing and new data sources, and enact strong data governance protocols.

A modern data architecture ensures that your organization’s data scales and is:


Fast and easy to access, manage, analyze and deploy


Fast and easy to access, manage, analyze and deploy


Compliant with data security and privacy regulations.

Velcode Solutions, as the world’s leading application-focused cloud managed services provider, guarantees fail-proof migration, modernization, and management of databases and data workloads across multiple ecosystems and mission-critical legacy systems, platforms on the cloud augmented with state-of-the-art automation and security. We offer stringent optimization frameworks to make modernization cost-efficient for any enterprise.

As part of the Data Modernization, Velcode Solutions offers end-to-end data modernization services, which include database migration services, database management services, managed advanced data analytics & BI.

  • Data Modernization helps moving data from local on-premises legacy systems to a more manageable and scalable cloud.
  • Data Modernization increases business agility by bringing legacy software to the cloud.
  • Data Modernization helps improve customer experience by enabling new services and processes.

Velcode Solutions cloud-powered data modernization approach provides a highly accessible, useful and compliant solution and services suite that delivers cost savings on data management operations and powers the analytics to enhance accurate business forecasting. With thousands of associates, Velcode Solutions experts are able to mobilize quickly to realize our clients’ data modernization vision. Our innovative cloud strategy includes provider partners Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and more.

A variety of advantages are available to businesses engaging in Data Modernization. Among them, it includes the use of more reliable databases that are more scalable and more adaptable. Streamlining processes to cut costs and boost margins.

The immediate gain is reduced costs by enabling the transfer of data from in-house data centers to more powerful RDMBS, NoSQL, and Hadoop-based systems. This will mean higher agility that comes from modifications that can be implemented rapidly to support corporate objectives. In addition, greater production and lower maintenance expenses are beneficial to the enterprise. Most modern databases have graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that simplify database administration, process management, and other tasks. As a result, businesses may devote their IT resources to more important initiatives since legacy database maintenance is no longer a concern. Newer databases are also simpler to manage, thanks to ad hoc reporting and easy navigation.


Enterprises must modernize their legacy databases to be ahead in the race of digital transformation. Velcode Solutions with its Data Modernization helps enterprises eliminate the cost of maintenance and administration. Velcode Solutions reduces the amount of on-premises hardware and hence makes maintenance easy by restricting it to applications alone, instead of entire systems.


With Data Modernization, Velcode Solutions makes moving data from legacy databases to modern databases cost-effective and easily scalable. As part of the Data Modernization, Velcode Solutions uses technologies such as AI and ML to evaluate the performance of networks and applications, and improve security by quicker and earlier detection of threats. Thus, making the operations streamline.


With Velcode Solutions Data Modernization, enterprises can reduce the risk of data being compromised, modified or inadvertently disclosed. It ensures that the enterprises comply with the industry-specific regulatory frameworks, thanks to auditable processes and controls.

Velcode Solutions End-to-end Data Modernization Services

We offer a discovery workshop to gather stakeholder opinions, assess data warehouse readiness, collect server and application information. Subsequently, scenario and workloads identification will be done for a successful data modernization experience without any disruption to operations.

Businesses can seamlessly migrate, modernize, and manage their databases from legacy ecosystems, servers, applications, platforms on multiple public, private, and hybrid cloud options with ease. Store and administer dataflows from a single cloud or spread across multiple cloud architectures and mission-critical private or on-prem ecosystems for best data outcomes. Bolster security and continuity with state-of-the-art solutions such as MDR, EDR, SIEM-SOAR, Advanced Threat Protection, Threat Intelligence, or Velcode Solutions proprietary Self Healing Operations Platform (SHOP).

Velcode Solutions Data Migration Factory

A proven, cost-effective, industrialized, and fully packaged service for organizations to realize greater certainty in migration. It’s a highly automated Migration Factory approach with a low-cost workforce and tried-and-tested tools, eliminating delays and delivering quality results, on time, every time.

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Migrations

We streamline homogeneous migrations such as from Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as from Oracle to Amazon Aurora.

Complex & Large Scale Migrations

We provide automated administrative solutions to facilitate database auditing to capacity management to platform-supported disruption management, upgrading, and patching – easing complex and voluminous migrations without data loss and downtime.

Data Security During Migration

We offer a highly-secured data migration with complete backup before the process, encrypted data transfer and controlled access during the entire process – all the while maintaining integrity of your data.

Multi-ecosystem Database Managed Services

Velcode Solutions helps enterprises with fully managed database functionalities on the cloud, integrated with multiple ecosystems with ease. Firms can either choose to shift and manage their data flows from a single cloud source or spread it across multiple landscapes, monitoring them from universal dashboards. Velcode Solutions helps define the architecture based on business needs, implement the same, and fully manage all data functionalities using AIOps-powered services.

High Availability & Backup

We enable continuous replication of enterprise data (asynchronous and synchronous data replication, commvault replication, etc.) with high availability (99.9%), and consolidate databases into a petabyte-scale data warehouse.

High Performance, Hyperscalable Outcomes with Continual Customization

We continually customize, optimize the architectures for planned and managed database configuration, customize rule-based policies for users/ queries, and automate scripts for efficient database management, personalizing managed services. We make proactive tuning changes to your database, server or instance simultaneously. Our automated health checks identify performance bottlenecks, root cause, and remediation steps. We offer Disaster Recovery to effectively assess and mirror enterprise databases, ensuring continuous cloud backup and speedy recovery.

ML & AI Powered Data Threat Management

With ML and AI, we detect any potential threats/vulnerabilities, take corrective measures, and make the system more robust. This is made possible with security tools native to leading cloud platforms and third-party applications, helping in combating foreseen and unforeseen cyber-attacks.

Managed Advanced Data Analytics & BI

Deploy advanced business intelligence on your datapools, data lakes, and databases on the cloud or across ecosystems to generate smart operational insights. Velcode Solutions helps integrate cloud-native tools and technologies to enable real-time data processing and insights generation, presenting all critical data on intuitive dashboards.

Data Lake Activation

To bring predictive power to your business and do a deeper analysis of your data, certified data scientists at Velcode Solutions can help your organization get ahead of the curve when it comes to data processing, visualization, and presentation.

Data Preparation

Leverage data insights from a single source of truth such as Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, leading into Data Marts that power Visualization dashboards, and the ability to process data on the go.

Data Visualization

Support of intuitive and interactive dashboards equipped with data analytics, to make smart decisions through real-time monitoring and visual exploration.


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