Public Cloud Services


Public cloud can be accessed from any internet-enabled device and can address almost all computing requirements.


We ensure that failure of a few physical components will not impact the performance of cloud services.


This service model ensures that customers can access their required resources and pay only per usage.


Seamlessly manage, govern and modernise your IT across virtually any infrastructure and deliver a more consistent customer experience.


On-demand access to the cloud resources in the public cloud ensures that applications running on them respond seamlessly to any fluctuations in activity.


Public cloud services, usually hosted by third party providers, are location-independent and offer remote access to IT infrastructure.


Velcode Solutions Public Cloud Services

Velcode Solutions partners with global public cloud service providers such as Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Microsoft Azure Services, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud in the delivery of world-class solutions to all customers.

Managed AWS

Built for businesses of all sizes, AWS provides a secure cloud environment that helps companies innovate at scale.

Managed Azure

Azure offers a wide variety of out-of-the-box capabilities spanning storage, networking, and computing.

Google Cloud

Seamless Migration. Infra, Platforms, App Modernization. Secure your Cloud Journey with Google Cloud and Velcode Solutions

Oracle Cloud

Revamp your ITOps model from CapEx to OpEx. Achieve increased scalability, agility, and compliance on Oracle Cloud.

Velcode Solutions Approach

The Velcode Solutions approach leverages customized tools and best practices, and empowers customers towards effective business transformation and workload management on the cloud with zero business disruption.

The following four-step approach enables customers to realize greater agility in addition to business continuity and enterprise security.

Cloud security architecture

We utilize same the underlying public cloud security architecture in providing enterprise-level security for data, applications and infrastructure, while enabling customers to manage threats and comply with continuous QA.

Cloud automation and DevOps

We utilize same automation-driven DevOps to on-board applications on to the cloud rapidly along with enhanced application speed, reliability and quality.

Workload analysis and mass migration

Codified models and decision logic ensure workload capture for cloud migration and enhancement while eliminating business disruption.

Managed cloud operations

Velcode Solutions enables customers to achieve business agility, end-to-end security along with predictive and reactive service assurance by leveraging the cloud features and operations automation.


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