Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Enterprises infrastructure has evolved over time, and the recent pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new-age cloud/digital technologies. To be agile, resilient, efficient, and to be able to meet today’s workforce demands, enterprises are looking for solutions to facilitate remote access to their workforce. Solutions such as Virtual Desktop Environment (VDI), that improve user productivity, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and are highly secure.

With Velcode Solutions Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions, you can embrace virtual desktop environments with ease and zero disruption. We offer India’s first end-to-end VDI solutions and services on any cloud platform. With our VDI expertise, we help enterprises set up a safe and secure virtual workspace that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure hosts desktop environments on a remote central server and users can access these virtual desktops from anywhere using any device. Each virtual desktop looks and acts as a standalone computer but the computing/processing is done on the central server and all of them are managed centrally by a dedicated IT team.

Why do you need Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

If you are looking at standardizing desktop environments, providing remote access to your workforce, or reducing outages and downtime, then Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is perfect for you. VDI simplifies desktop support, maintenance, patch management, data protection, and much more.

Velcode Solutions Key VDI Services

Assessment & Discovery

We conduct an assessment and discovery workshop, which is a 4-6 hours long workshop. We collaborate with the enterprise’s business team to identify and understand the business, security, and compliance needs. We study the landscape for building VDI solutions and understand standard IT operating procedures, usage patterns, and demand spikes that can occur for better capacity planning.

VDI Design

Based on our assessment report, we suggest the right solutions for your organization based on the requirements/needs. We prepare the VDI blueprint and landing zone design. We build DaaS user profiles, map profiles with user categories, integrate with Active directory, and provide a detailed plan for Data migration from on-premise to Cloud, Sync back solution (for migration case), VDI security, and backup. In addition to this, we also provide a timeline and budget estimate for VDI deployment.


Deployment/migration of the VDI environment, we set up the needed environment/subscriptions, deploy VDI based on the organization/user needs, configure role-based access, and perform a pilot test to check if everything is provisioned as per the requirement. We also ensure to migrate on-prem data (if any) and configure a backup of the VDI infrastructure.

Health Check

As part of our VDI Services, we also assist enterprises to diagnose and troubleshoot virtual desktop environments. Velcode Solutions AIOps managed services apply AI, machine learning, and neural network techniques to monitor data from applications, cloud services, networks, and infrastructure. It helps in proactive early detection of changing conditions so that IT teams can resolve issues on time.

Empowers enterprises to deploy hundreds of desktops within a few hours. If the workforce increases, admins will be able to spin up new virtual desktops in no time and without any user/business disruption.

Centralized & Simplified IT Management Provides unified and simplified IT management experience to your admin. With IT management, Velcode Solutions has gone one step further and has automated desktop management, incident and problem management, & patch management

Decreases device cost savings, as users can use their older/personal devices ( Bring Your Own Device – BYOD), thin clients, etc. to access remote desktops, thereby reducing the CapExrequired for procuring new hardware. OpEx also reduces significant, due to the reduction of management of individual devices.

VDI experts from Velcode Solutions help with implementation, deployment, licensing, and overall management, all of which will help you witness visible reduction in TCO as well.

Protects data, virtual desktops, apps by keeping applications and data on a secure data center, controlled by a security policy and not on end-users devices. Thus, removing the possibility of data theft or loss. As the data resides in a central location, it is easier to take frequent data backups.

Additionally, Velcode Solutions AIOps Managed Services aids in accurately detecting and responding to security threats, service disruptions, storage failures and other issues

Eliminates wait times, improves file load times, as data resides in a data center. Also, users will not have disturbances (hardware failures, less unplanned downtime etc.), thus enabling them to focus on their core objectives and be more productive.

Facilitates access virtual desktops anytime, from anywhere, using any device. Enabling workforces to complete their tasks irrespective of their geographical locations. This also means significant increase in user productivity.


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