Private Cloud Services

  • Industry-high 99.95% availability backed by Tier-4, ISO-certified, fully sustainable local data centers
  • Zero friction private cloud migration with industry-leading migration factory approach
  • AIOps-driven managed operations with instance-case based automation, RPA solutions
  • Modernize core systems, networks, storage, databases and data centers, compute infra, assets, workloads, and applications. Integrate existing, mission-critical infrastructure and third-party apps with ease to minimize transition costs and business disruption
  • Leverage advanced application management services with dedicated app modernization solutions and offerings
  • Design private cloud infrastructure with RedHat, Oracle, or any supplier of choice. Virtualize backend infrastructure with intelligent modernization and automation. Embrace infrastructure-as-a-code for maximized performance and optimization
  • Deploy virtual instances, containers, container management or Kubernetes platform with ease, across any landscape, ecosystem, and operational environment via the private cloud solution
  • Leverage universal, single pane of glass management of IT workflows, workloads, dataflows, applications via the Universal Cloud Management Platform for the Private Cloud Platform
  • Streamlined database management for both static and dynamic dataflows with relevant, advanced DBMS applications. Integrate deep data analytics for insightful decision-making.
  • Monitor, manage networks with cloud-native solutions, VPNs, etc
  • Accelerate, design, and deploy modernized DevOps and DevSecOps environments powered by the virtual private cloud solution
  • Administer and seamlessly integrate remote workstations, environments and edge, IoT environments with the centrally deployed private cloud platform
  • Scale up the private cloud solution and connect with a public cloud platform of choice to build and deploy the right mix of hybrid cloud solutions
  • Integrate with specific community cloud ecosystems based on business requirements and policies
  • Streamline managed infrastructure efforts with IaaS. Deploy advanced platforms, middleware, and operating systems across environments with containers, APIs, and Libraries under a proper PaaS model. Embrace cutting-edge business applications such as SAP ERP, CRM, HRM, and more.
  • Ensure seamless compliance of private cloud systems, workloads, assets and on-prem legacy infra with national regulations and international standards. Meet data privacy and residency requirements with ease.
  • Deploy advanced auto backup, replication, and recovery solutions for uninterrupted business continuity. Deploy data and workloads across multiple datacenter locations to maximize continuity positioning
  • Extend smart governance, risk monitoring and cybersecurity management across all private cloud workloads, assets, resources, and integrated on-prem mission-critical systems or third-party platforms. Embed advanced MDR, EDR, SOC, SIEM-SOAR, ATP, UEBA, Threat Intelligence solutions.
  • Leverage proprietary innovations and novel home-grown tools to advance digital transformation initiatives across all enterprise operations
  • Dedicated Customer Support Portal for end-to-end consulting and support.

The Intelligent Service Provider for a Seamless Cloud Journey

Velcode Solutions End-to-end Virtual Private Cloud Solutions and Services

Private Cloud Designing and Migration

Design a tailored private cloud architecture built on local hosting zones. Optimize processes, applications, assets, and resources based on business requirements. Adopt Velcode Solutions leading Migration Factory approach to connect all legacy systems, workloads to the private cloud at zero data loss and zero disruption to business as usual. As an advanced service provider, onboarding cutting-edge private cloud technologies. Choose unique advantages from the managed private cloud environments vs hybrid cloud solutions.

Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services

Data privacy and sovereignty concerns plague public, hybrid, or on-premises private cloud adoption strategies for most businesses. With locally hosted zones powered by sustainable, green data centers, put off all hosting worries. Velcode Solutions delivers seamless managed private clouds hosting services for enterprise assets, workloads, and data combined with end-to-end management.

AIOps-driven Private Cloud Managed Operations

Velcode Solutions Intelligent managed services allow end-to-end, fully automated administration of resources (private cloud servers, private cloud storage and backend computing infra, networks, platforms, middleware, applications, etc) on the private cloud platform. Streamline CloudOps with infra optimization combined with seamless cloud platform management and governance. Leverage Sysops services to deploy virtual instances, containers, Kubernetes managed solutions with ease. Embrace IaaS, PaaS, SaaS models with ease embellished with database management, network monitoring and administration, and business continuity planning. Modernize infra, platforms, applications, datacenter functionalities with ease. Deploy cutting-edge analytics and AI on existing workloads and operations to mine relevant business insights. Augment development environments with smart DevOps. Manage all private cloud supervisory functions and needs from a universal, highly intuitive interface.

Private Cloud Infrastructure Offerings

With Velcode Solutions end-to-end managed infrastructure offerings, gain complete control over backend infra resources including private cloud storage, compute, networks, data centers, etc. Virtualize infra components and deploy VMs to modernize core functionalities. Embrace an infrastructure as code architecture with stringent performance optimization for agile outputs and maximum ROI.

Managed PaaS on Private Cloud

Modern enterprise IT ecosystems are invariably complicated with multiple adopted platforms, infra, and applications from multiple vendors. This substantially magnifies the difficulties of deploying a custom private cloud architecture that syncs with all adopted third-party platforms, legacy systems, remote environments, etc. With Velcode Solutions managed PaaS, put all those concerns at rest. Embrace advanced APIs, libraries, middleware, and backend software to seamlessly sync with variant landscapes. Develop, deploy, run, and manage applications, workloads, resources, assets, and operations across all on-prem landscapes seamlessly from the private cloud platform.

Application Management and Modernization

Rehost, refactor, re architect enterprise applications for maximum availability, agility, and security. Deploy microservices models with containers and management systems to allow apps to leverage the cloud platform best. Administer app workloads and data across multiple on-prem, third-party vendor environments with ease centrally from the private cloud.

Datacenter and Database Management

Seamlessly manage datacentre operations running the private cloud from the backend. Manage all static and dynamic dataflows with ease and ensure data privacy and security. Integrate advanced database management systems including private cloud storage systems such as Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, Mysql, IMD, Hadoop, Mongo.

Network and Firewalls Management

Network monitoring, administration, and security are critical to an organization’s core operations. With proper web application firewalls and network firewalls, ensure that all private cloud servers, workflows, workloads, and data are properly administered and not leaked to external parties. Filter out suspicious traffic and prevent external threats. Deploy load balancers and VPNs as and when required for carrying out critical activities in the overall cloud deployment framework.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Organizations with multiple private clouds and public cloud platforms might opt for a streamlined hybrid cloud architecture that addresses all mission-critical business operations. Hook up the private cloud to a dedicated public cloud infrastructure. Else modernize applications to seamlessly integrate and run with multiple platforms, third-party environments, and other ecosystems. Manage the entire hybrid cloud and all its backend components, resources, underlying infrastructure and computing power requirements, security features, additional resources, assets, workloads, data, networks, solutions from a universal cloud platform. Both private and hybrid cloud solutions could be deployed as part of an overall multi-cloud framework.

Remote Workspace Integration

Bolster remote workspace management with specialized, intelligent Desktop-as-a-Service solutions and managed services. Deploy Citrix VDI, Microsoft WVD and scale up to multiple users with ease. Ensure seamless functionalities and agile performance with utmost security and continuity. Collaborate with users across geographies via the adopted private cloud solution.

DevOps on Private Cloud

Leverage cutting-edge DevOps tools, automation technologies from the private cloud ecosystem to deploy a modernized development environment across the entire IT stack. Leverage advanced CI/CD tools, security solutions, data intelligence technologies to help enterprises modernize their application/software architecture and accelerate go-to-market timelines.

Private Cloud Cybersecurity Management

Velcode Solutions, a leading cybersecurity company, places risk management at the top of its managed priority list. With a deployed private cloud architecture, Velcode Solutions manages the adoption and implementation of native cloud security, monitoring tools, and protocols across servers, storage, data centres, VMs, computing infra, platforms, libraries, APIs, applications, workloads, for end-to-end security. In addition, also leverage Velcode Solutions advanced Managed Detection and Response, SOC, SIEM-SOAR, threat hunting-discovery-mediation, and threat intelligence solutions for world-class private cloud security. Level up private cloud security with the novel Self Healing Operations Platform for predictive alerting and preventive maintenance.

Business Continuity Services

Mirror all assets to multiple locations for uninterrupted continuity. Auto backup and recovery resources with ease during disasters. Leverage stringent RTO/RPO mechanisms and advanced disaster recovery strategies to ensure 24/7 activity anytime, anywhere.

Governance and Compliance Management

Streamline governance and compliance concerns for all cloud platforms, edge environments, on-prem systems, and third-party adoptions. Host assets on local data centers to comply with data privacy, residency laws. Adopt a private cloud architecture that seamlessly adheres to national, international regulations and standards and monitor compliance periodically.

Proprietary Innovations and Automation

Leverage Velcode Solutions advanced Universal Cloud Platform to effectively manage, administer, and deploy resources across all hybrid cloud components. Integrate world-class intelligent automation and RPA technologies to bolster workflow automation, filter out redundancies, and optimize resources and mission critical applications for maximum ROI.

End-to-end Support and Training Services

Leverage Velcode Solutions unique Customer Support Portal with specialized problem solving, ticketing, and incident management functionalities. Gain 24/7 consulting paired with end-to-end support.


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