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Your business virtually produces data in large quantities and that data is important for analysis in order to get more insights and make better business decisions. All this data which is generated is fundamentally stored in a database and databases are very common to modern businesses. And with growing data, there is a growing need for administration of databases because the prime responsibility is then to maintain and protect the integrity of company’s data. Here is where Database Administrators’ (DBA) job begins, as he/she is responsible for taking care of database management system and ensuring it is always available. Organizations hesitate to hire DBAs because there are certain costs associated in terms of hiring, training and retaining in-house DBAs. When an organization’s database requires administration but do not want to employ DBAs, they get in touch with ESDS for Database Administration services.

Velcode Solutions Database Management Service helps you align your business operations with enhanced performance by expertly taking care of your database. Our DBAs take care of multiple database needs such as database integration, maintenance, monitoring, optimization, upgrade or performance tuning of your database environment. Experience professional database support through certified administrators for specific databases whether your projects are on-site, off-site, onshore or offshore. Our team has extensive knowledge on Cassandra database, MySQL, SQL server database, Oracle, MongoDB. In our SQL Server Database Services, we regulate Microsoft Server and SQL Server environs by utilizing our vast experience and industry best practices to ensure that your systems are efficiently managed and constantly operating at utmost performance.

Oracle Database

The system is built around a relational database framework in which data objects may be directly accessed.

MongoDB Development

MongoDB is a free and open-source, no-SQL database program exercising JSON-like files with schemas. MongoDB or NoSQL

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is the intelligent, scalable, cloud database service that provides the broadest SQL

MySQL Development

MySQL is one of the most widely-used relational database management systems. MySQL is an open-source, fast reliable, and flexible relational

Microsoft SQL Database

Microsoft SQL is a relational database management system originally developed by Microsoft. MSSQL being a popular


Velcode Solutions Database Management Services Offering

Remote Monitoring

Nowadays remote monitoring has been used to give secure and continuous monitoring of a firm’s database. Sureworks offers remote monitoring to have real-time monitoring of the firm’s database and to avoid the database downtime. Our team provides the best services to increase the performance of the firm by optimizing the database. With the help of remote database management service, our team will easily manage the firm’s database.

Database Replication

Database Replication plays a very essential role in the availability of the firm’s data to the users. Our team helps to store the data in a different site to improve the availability of the firm’s data. Our team ensures that the database is available to all the users easily so that all the users can have similar data with no irregularity. This helps the firm to increase the availability of the database and reduce the servers load which helps to increase the performance of the firm.

Database Setup

Database setup is very essential for the firm to secure and maintain the firm’s data. Velcode Solutions offers the database setup service to the firm so the firm’s data is secured and maintained. Our team helps in setting up the database and stores the firm’s data to secure and maintain the data. Our experts have experience in setting up the database which will help to reduce the cost.

Database Patches and Upgrades

Database Patches and Upgrades are very essential for running the database smoothly. Older versions of the database become unsupported as the newer and advanced versions of the database are more secure and faster. Our team of experts helps to fix the database bugs by releasing patches and help to upgrade to the latest technology database. Upgrading of the database increases the functionality of the database which will help to increase the firm’s performance.

Dedicated Technical Specialist Team

Velcode Solutions provides the best team of specialists to maintain the database of the firm. Our specialist team have experience in the service and have a wealth of knowledge in the database management system. The team monitors and studies the database to avoid the downtime and assist to increase the performance of the firm.

Database Performance Tuning

Velcode Solutions offers database performance tuning to the firm to optimize and increase the performance of the database. Our team aims to maximize the utilization of system resources to increase performance and work efficiency. They help to increase the firm’s working efficiency by configuring and altering the settings for the database. Hence, tuning the database is very essential for improving firm database efficiency.

Database Migration Across Infrastructure

Database Migration is very essential for the movement of data across the firm. Velcode Solutions offer database migration service across Infrastructure to easily move the data across the firm. As database migration is very complex, Our team makes a proper plan so that the firm’s data is easily migrated. Our experienced experts migrate the data without affecting the firm’s data. Hence, it is very essential to hire the best database management service.

High Availability Setup

High Availability Setup is very essential to provide a full-time availability to IT firm’s computing environments. Velcode Solutions provides the best high configured system to ensure that the computing environment is working efficiently. These systems have excess software and hardware that makes the system accessible despite failures which helps the users to access the database anytime. Hence, setting up a high configured system is essential to improve the firm’s efficiency.

Backup and Restore Activities

Backup and Restore Activities are a very essential part of IT firms. Velcode Solutions offers backup and restores services to the IT firms for securing their firm’s data. Our team helps to plan what needs to be backed up and establish a strategy for handling the backup. Our team helps to store the firm’s database in a proper storage device so the data will be protected and even ensures that the backup data is recovered easily whenever needed. Automatic backup is done and the database is monitored by the team to avoid failure in the backup.

24/7 Support

Our services offer 24/7 support to the firm to help them as soon as they come up. Our team is available all the time to provide support to the customer. Our experts help to solve the issues in real-time and assist the firm to solve the issues easily. Our experts are highly trained to solve the issues as soon as possible to make the database available to the users. Our services help to solve all the database issues and helps to increase the performance of the firm.

Velcode Solutions offers one of the best IT solutions in India. Our experts are known to handle the queries with perfection and provide the best database management service. Our services offer flexibility and best-budget service to the firm.

Our company offers the best database management system services in India, which will help your firm with the best database management services to improve your firm environment.

Key Differentiators

  • Expertise across SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Multi-platform expertise, to advise on implementing best-suited service
  • Assured SLA defined support, to ensure higher availability and 24×7 monitoring
  • Availability of on-demand DBA resource for continued project management
  • End-to-end project responsibility – minimizing data loss, and ensuring data security and recovery
  • Enabling quick & informed decision-making with efficient data processing
  • Achieve enhanced business efficiency – with data consolidation, resulting in streamlined business processes and increased ROI

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